Hi and Welcome! I’m Ashita Agrawal

Well..well, let you tell you first, I’m on a quest to know myself better! But yeah, I have just found a little bit of me.

I am a dreamer – I dream of trying every adventure possible, traveling the world, meeting new people, learning about different cultures and yes tasting different cuisines. 😀

I like to travel and love crazy adventures and living with the motivation to live a life full of adventures, wanders, and fun. With it, I am also trying to follow my passions and living life to the fullest.

A bit more of me!

i'm Ashita Agrawal

I’m –

A travel buff

An adrenaline junkie

An amateur triathlete

A trekker

A photo freak

A Bibliophile and

An IT engineer by profession.


I have visited a few places solo, have tried a few extreme adventures, have been in sports, during my trips met ample of different nationality and culture people, which has enhanced my journey in many ways!

So, here I’m to share my learning and experiences with you. Hope you enjoy along.

Cheers! ♥