Welcome to My Blog!

Hi, I’m Ashita, a travel-adventure loving girl from India with a bigggg smile on my face most of the time 🙂 So, I welcome you with a hugeeee smile here 😀 

I try to create some positivity, inspire people, and make the most of this blessed life. Being a fun-loving, optimistic, and happy-go-lucky soul, I don’t believe in heeding much about the future or carrying regrets of the past. So, I stay convinced in making the present better and look at life and the world through rose-tinted glasses, always!!!

Although it doesn’t mean my life has been all rosy, it had been rough and tough but I try and choose to see the best in everything (Every cloud has a silver lining).

My Inspiration to travel

The thing that motivates and keeps me going is – We all have this one life to live and I firmly live by this motto “You Only Live Once” (YOLO), so, why not fulfill life with some spellbound experiences? Why live being mainstream or follow norms which are defined or accepted by society like buying a house, car, and just paying the bills. I do what makes me happy inside-out and “TRAVELING” tops the list!

And luckily, my affair with travel, nature, and adventures took me to some places solo, made me climb mountains, helped me gather the courage to take plunges, and meet some beautiful souls from around the world! This journey of mine has been soooo rewarding, fulfilling, and life-changing! It changed me for good and taught me a zillion things after being a big part of my life!

The hunger to experience all these is elevating constantly and makes me live with the motivation to have a life full of adventures, wanders, and fun.

I believe every one of us has dreams no matter how big or small – My biggest dream in life is to travel the entire world! (not kidding, really!). Also, I dream of trying every adventure possible, meeting new people, learning about different cultures, and yes tasting different cuisines. 😀

I know it sounds insane and not-so-doable for an average person. But till now, my love for travel took me to places, I wouldn’t have imagined or thought of, so I believe everything is possible. (I strongly believe in the law of attraction too 😀).

How I sustain myself?

Currently, I’m tossing between my full-time job and travels because for me being fiercely independent is the best feeling and I have been paying my bills and financing my travels entirely for years. I’m able to sustain myself because splashing out much on the materialist things or having ample fancy possessions isn’t my thing.

Why this blog?

This blog was to help me maintain my travelogues (out of sight, out of mind) and to help someone to plan their trips. With it, it taught me dozens of new skills, helped me find a way to express my experiences and thoughts in the most possible of ways. It’s like my treasure trove now.

How this blog be of help to anyone?

Here, on my blog, I share my learnings and experiences from different places and you can find some guides/tips on new places, hidden gems, cuisines or cafeterias, recommendations on stay, or at the minimum some inspiration to travel or try out some not-so-usual adventures! 😛

I hope you stay tuned and enjoy it along!

Cheers, ♥