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Bungy Jump from 134 meters – The Highest Bungy in New Zealand

Bungy Jump in Queenstown New Zealand 134m
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I love to be a birdie, I don’t have wings but I love to soar freely in the air. If you will ask me how? I would say I have done Paragliding, Cliff jumping into the river and flew high on a Zip Flyer and yeah I did thrilling Bungy jumping as well. In all these adventures, I pretty much felt like I am soaring. It makes me feel so light, it makes me feel so alive. I really rejoice every moment of it. I love to close my eyes for a while and like to feel that bliss moment.

If you will ask me, do they scare you? My answer will always be a big YES! I always get a bit scared at the last moment. I feel like am I really going to do this crazy thing? Am I really going to risk my life? But then I am left with no other option, I am left with no time to think of quitting it. I do it anyhow and I have always thanked myself later. 😉

bungy queenstown tripsygirl

Would you like to jump from that suspended cable?

A year back, I threw myself off the bridge in Queenstown, New Zealand from a height of 134 meters (more than 40 floors high). But the memories are still so fresh. You can call me crazy or adventurous or whatever but I would say it was so much fun trying out this extreme adventure – BUNGY JUMPING. 😀

bungy in queenstown new zealand

And I had jumped from here 😀

I would also say don’t miss out on Bungy when in New Zealand. It is among the must-do thing here as it is the first country where bungy jumping started. Nevis Bungy here is the highest Bungy in New Zealand and is among the best Bungy in the world. Its experience will really leave you spellbound.

Apart from Bungy, exquisite Queenstown city offered other tons of crazy adventure sports as well for an adrenaline junkie like me – I did Jet boating and Luge ride too. But my Skydiving got canceled twice owing to the bad weather. It’s still on the bucket list, pending!

nevis bungy in queenstown new zealand

Glass floor view from the top – 134 meters

To experience and taste adrenaline rush of Bungy, one needs to first go high in the mountains, it took us 35-45 minutes to reach the site. Everyone was excited and a bit scared too. After gaining a tremendous height and briefing, we were then carried to the jump site in a cable car. My enthusiasm was at its peak and believe me I wasn’t scared yet. 😛

After a few people, now it was my turn to jump. Only one leg was harnessed and the body was free. I was then taken to the edge of the jump site. This time I was a bit nervous and excited as well. Now only a few seconds were left, and there was no going back.

nevis bungy in queenstown new zealand

This is me! Upside Down

I was still fine standing at the cliff, smiling, not so nervous and ready to jump. I figured out, I’m not a faint heart. Obediently following the instructions, I jumped on the count of 3..2..1…JUMPPPP! The best part was – the instructor didn’t throw me, I jumped on my own. 😀

And yyuuuuhhhhhhuu! I was in the air…FLYING! Felt like I have wings. I started screaming, I AM FLYING!

While swinging in the air, I enjoyed the rebound part the most.

Check out my Bungy video and see if it already terrified you or not?

Jumping from a height of 134 meters is really insane with 8 seconds of rapid free-fall but it is a pure adrenaline rush as well. Just imagine how fast it must have been! I came down from such a tremendous height just in a few seconds’ time. Huh!

Check out my another video that was taken from the glass floor:

If you will ask me, would you like to try Bungy from a greater height than 134 meters? My answer would be Hell YES!

nevis bungy in queenstown new zealand


Trust me, crazy and extreme adventures scares almost everyone! Believe what they say – It’s all about taking that leap of faith and doing it anyway. You will love that moment, it will be a lifetime experience that will be stored in your memories forever.

I would say if you are thinking of doing Bungy, be warned that it might be the craziest or scariest thing you will ever do in your life. 😉

If you want to experience the same, checkout Nevis Bungy fee structure and booking details here:

Keep calm and Bungy!

Keep Wandering! Keep Wondering!

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