Hobbiton Movie Set – Hobbit Homes in New Zealand
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Welcome to ‘Hobbiton’ Movie Set

After watching ‘The Lord of the Rings‘ and ‘The Hobbit‘ movie trailer, I wished I could go to this vibrant place – Hobbiton Movie Set, in real. If a place like Hobbiton (the home of Hobbits) could ever exist. Well, yes, it does exist! Into the lush pastures, there’s this mesmerizing, magical place just two hours’ drive away from Auckland city.

My Hobbiton Journey

It was my solo trip from Auckland, first to the Waitomo caves where I did Black Water Rafting and then to the Hobbiton, where I visited this cuteness overloaded fairy-tale place!

hobbiton movie set tripsygirl


The only option to reach and visit this place is by the “Hobbiton Movie Set” bus. Till the entrance, you can come on your own. The Hobbiton bus takes you to the ‘Shire‘ entrance, passing through beautiful rolling hills and peaceful sheep on the way.

Hobbiton Movie Set Bus
Hobbiton Movie Set Bus
On the way to Hobbiton Movie Set
On the way to Hobbiton Movie Set

This huge landscape has little gardens with daisies, all sorts of colorful flowers, trees, marshmallow plants, super cute little hobbit homes, the Green Dragon Inn, sheep farms, and a totally cute little different world in it!

hobbiton movie set

Guided Tour

Even if someone hasn’t watched the trilogies or read the books, still this place is endlessly fascinating. For this reason, the popularity of Hobbiton is just amazing. The place is too much packed with tourists but owing to the compulsion of taking a guided tour it looks well-managed.

Even if you are a lone traveler, still you can’t just wander around Hobbiton on your own, everyone has to book a tour and follow a Hobbiton guide throughout the set.

Frodo's Home Hobbiton movie set tripsygirl
Frodo’s Hobbit Home

“It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.” -The Hobbit

Although some Hobbit homes are just facades, without any interior set, still the details are incredible. But there are also a few Hobbit homes in which one can enter as I did! 😛 Yet the only things kept there are brooms and gardening tools. Although, one cannot stay in Hobbiton or any of the Hobbit Homes.

The beauty of the surrounding land is a treat in itself. At every nook and cranny, there are also many more exquisite things to charm every Hobbit fan, like laundry lines with clothes – hung out for drying, Hobbit-sized fruits, vegetables, trees, flowers, jam bottles, etc.

Clothes hanging out in Hobbiton


If you are thinking, although, I told it is a touristy place yet there aren’t many people in my pictures. The tours here are well-managed with 10-12 people in a group, also spacing other groups to avoid the rush at a place. The guide keeps sharing the fun facts of the movie, also giving time to everyone to click pictures before the next batch arrives. But you have to always stay with your guide and the group. There are also a few group and solo fun activities that everyone can enjoy!

hobbiton movie set new zealand tripsygirl

hobbiton movie set tripsygirl

On this two hours’ tour, I crossed almost 40+ Hobbit homes, and mostly all of them were of different sizes and colors while traversing this huge landscape.

hobbiton movie set tripsygirl

hobbiton movie set

The Green Dragon Inn

Now, the tour perfectly ends at the Green Dragon Inn, past a little lake, and over stone bridges, passing a watermill. There’s a picnic set up on the dock. Also, I thoroughly enjoyed the soothing music that was being played around.

Green Dragon Inn Hobbiton Movie Set
Green Dragon Inn @Hobbiton Movie Set

At this rustic Green Dragon Inn, everyone is presented with a complimentary ginger beer to end this Middle-earth adventure. Sit down, relax, and gulp down a pitcher of beer like a real Hobbit. 😀 Also, there are a few paid eating options available.

Muffin and Ginger Beer at Hobbiton
Muffin and Ginger Beer

Immersing in the wonders of ‘The Shire’, I experienced the real ‘Shire’ crossing the hills, the gardens, colorful beautiful flowers, and some filthy little hobbit homes. In every way, it is an experience like none other. And still, It’s the cutest place that I have ever been to!

Hobbiton Movie Set Booking Details

I would recommend anyone visiting Hobbiton to book their tour well in advance, to avail offers and to avoid disappointment as they are usually full. The tour runs daily here (9 AM – 3.30 PM). I booked my Black Water Rafting and the Hobbiton movie set tickets from https://peterpans.com/new-zealand/

The Hobbiton Movie Set tour usually costs nearly NZ$84/person for an adult. Charges may vary as well depending on the agent, time, and season of the year.

For more details check out: https://www.hobbitontours.com/


Keep Wandering! Keep Wondering!

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