Laalwadi, Bendewadi and Thokarwadi dam- A Mini Wonderland near Pune

Laalwadi, Bendewadi and Thokarwadi dam- A Mini Wonderland near Pune

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Do you agree – weekend, monsoon season and being out in nature goes hand in hand. But before going out we keep considering things like which place to go in a days’ time, is it cost-effective, safe, worth visiting? But do you also think of going to some secluded places and get that absolute joy and positivity of living in the laps of nature? If yes, then come let’s explore a hidden gem.

Way to the secluded world

You must be thinking if it is really so secluded and beautiful, it must be too far away from the city, Right?

Not really, it is just 60 km from the Pune city and about 150 km from Mumbai. If you are staying in Pune or Mumbai, surely, you must have visited Lonavala, Khandala, Lavasa and a few more renowned places, that too ample times. No doubt, these places are beautiful and worth a visit but exploring any hidden gem can leave you awestruck and make you rethink of planning journeys in a different way furthermore.

kanhe railway crossing
STOP (Thamba) @Kanhe Railway crossing

My Journey

I started from Pune and took Mumbai-Pune highway, I absolutely enjoyed the ride because of the drizzly weather. After reaching halfway, that is, Kanhe region, I witnessed, the scenery started changing gradually going farther. Slowly, leaving behind the city life, started entering into the place where there was more of greenery on all sides and less of urbanization. And what a blissful feeling it was to be greeted by lush green meadows, mountains and then by umpteen waterfalls. Just an hour and a half drive brought me to this not so famous, untouched Sahyadri Hills.

khandi region

I realized driving to this place was a wise decision, relying on public transport won’t have been a good idea, owing to the less frequency of buses here. In this whole region, I saw only a few buses plying throughout. So, my piece of advice to anyone traveling here would be – better to arrange your own means of transportation. Also, it will help you to halt at a few spots to eat, click pictures and praise the beauty of this wonderland.

khandi region
On the way

Now, these little waterfalls at every nook and corner started adding more charm to this land. I found this place perfect for trekking junkies also, it would have been fun to trek those small patches. But, I was running short of time, so kept this thing for the next trip.

Tiny waterfalls

Enroute, different waterfalls kept greeting me, no matter how farther and farther I went. Also, the drive was along a huge lake which runs parallel to the mountains on the other side. I stopped near the lakeside and sat here for a while. It is beautiful and calm still not a safe lake for swimming. The warning board there also tells “Do not enter the lake” because of reptiles, weeds, and quicksand. After exploring this place a little, I again drove towards Khandi region, and the journey yet continued with endless greenery and waterfalls.


After a while, reached Thokarwadi Dam and this place had extreme enchanting beauty on both sides. It was absolutely scenic to the last point my eyes could see no more. Also, this can be ones the first destination to get drenched or take a dip under the dam.

Thokarwadi Dam


This isn’t only, there’s much more at this place, going ahead one can quench their waterfall thirst in this land full of it. There are huge waterfalls – Laalwadi waterfall and Bendewadi waterfall ahead, where adrenaline junkies come for waterfall rappelling, trekking and of course to take a bath under it. Even if you don’t wish to do either of them, you can simply sit there in peace and enjoy the beauty of the falls and views all around.

Laalwadi Waterfall

Also, owing to less popularity, I didn’t see many people and felt as if I own this wonderland. 😛 To reach near the waterfall, I climbed some rocks and sat near it. The experience of sitting right near the falls and enjoying getting wet in the showers of flying water was incredible. The huge falls falling on the rocks and splashing water is a wonderful sight in itself. But more than the beauty of the falls, what I usually enjoy the most is the bathing. But this time, I just sat quietly near the waterfall and enjoyed the views! 🙂

into the endless green……….


Also, there is a Jagtap Waterfall apart from Laalwadi and Bendewadi, which comes under a private property and can be accessed by paying 100 bucks. Although it is the first roadside waterfall that comes along the way, I somehow missed seeing it and while returning it was about 6 PM and the property got closed. 🙁

Visiting Jagtap Waterfall is the only costliest thing I found. Apart from it, eatery options are cheap here, that won’t cost more than 50 or 100 rupees depending on your choice of dish. So, if you are looking for a shoestring trip near Pune, this place can be on your list.

This is strange but I too learned about this place after being in Pune for more than three and a half years. Still, it isn’t so popular yet so beautiful. Maybe, this very thing is maintaining the charm of this place. And not just the place but the whole route made me stop to praise its calmness and beauty.

I am pretty sure this entire region serves everyone well. 🙂

If you like to go on a long ride or quietly sit and just enjoy being in nature, or have some family time, trek a bit, try out some adventures or get drenched beneath so many waterfalls, this can be your perfect secluded destination.

But let me warn you, go well prepared to get lost and engrossed in its untouched beauty!

And finally, a happy me 🙂 @ Laalwadi Waterfall


Keep Wandering! Keep Wondering!

Please share your valuable feedback/suggestions by dropping comments below! Thank you!

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