Luge Ride – A Fun Filled Adventure in Queenstown, New Zealand
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In the city full of adventures, we thought of trying out any activity which has a little adventure in it but limitless fun. LUGE RIDE was the perfect pick then. We thought of not missing out on this one. Our trip to Queenstown would not have been complete without taking a ride on a Gondola (also called a cable car) and trying out a Luge ride. It gave the panoramic and spectacular views of this beautiful city while going up and from the top.

Gondola and Luge ride
Gondola Ride

The sights from the top of the city were just breathtaking. It was really hard to stop admiring its utter beauty! After reaching the top I realized why Queenstown is among the most beautiful cities in the world. Was amused by the picturesque view of Lake Wakatipu and the mountain ranges.

Queenstown city and Lake Wakatipu Views
Queenstown city and Lake Wakatipu Views

After reaching the top, we tried out some amusing adventure as well with enjoying the views all the time. If one doesn’t wish to do any adventure then there are many cafés and restaurants to just relax and take delight in the scenes. To have some adrenaline-fueled fun and to take in amazing views, we then booked ourselves for LUGE RIDES.

Crazy Us! Queenstown, New Zealand
Crazy us!

If you might be thinking about, what kind of adventure is it, let me tell you a bit about it. Rather than an extreme adventure, it is a fun adventure for everyone to just enjoy. People of any age group can taste this little adventure. A luge is mainly like a sled on which one enjoys fun-filled gravity rides on specially designed luge tracks. The ride still stays fully in control of the rider.

Waiting For Our Turn Luge Ride Queenstown
Waiting For Our Turn

In a luge, one zip downs on tracks that are designed with hairpin corners, dramatic slopes, sharp turns to get in that adventure feel.

luge riders at the start line queenstown
Riders at the start line
Luge path and views queenstown
Luge path and these views <3

One feels like playing around with it many more times obviously because in this kind of activity “Once is Never Enough”. 😉 One can take in multiple rides depending on the price one pays. As one gets down, for the next ride, need to then catch a cable chairlift again to reach the Luge trail top.

Enjoying the luge ride up on Chairlift, queenstown new zealand tripsygirl
Enjoying the ride up on Chairlift

To reach the top again we took a chairlift ride to the top of the Luge track, and then raced down.

Views from the chairlift
Views from the chairlift

To add-on more excitement to this adventure, race down with your friends or people around or hit their luge. 😛

With a long list of adventures that this adventurous city has on offer like Jet boating, Bungy Jumping, Paragliding, rafting, canoeing, kayaking, skydiving, which one can choose from. My word of advice for this one? Just go for it.

Although the Gondola and luge ride are one of the least adventurous activities that you could find in a town full of extreme adrenaline rush activities. But to have some amusement, I would recommend it to anyone who visits this part of the world.

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