Paragliding in Bir-Billing, Himachal- The Top Site in Asia
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After getting into jobs and being in different cities, our college friends always have that urge to bunk office and meet when a long weekend is near. To spend some time together, have fun, and experience an adventure together, we thought of going to an offbeat place – Bir Billing in Himachal.

Three of us first met in Delhi and boarded an overnight bus to Bir, Himachal. The city welcomed us with some breathtaking mountain and valley views.

paragliding capital of india
Bir City

With our first destination to a hill station – Bir Billing, also known as the “Paragliding Capital of India“. It is considered the best and the highest paragliding site in Asia and the second-best in the world.

One gets to experience paragliding from a height of 8,000 feet above the ground. So, we made up our mind of not missing out on this adventure where we will soar amidst the mountains and experience some great adrenaline rush.

paragliding in bir billing

My Bir-Billing Paragliding Experience –

The next day we started early to venture into this adventure, to soar high high in the clouds. For paragliding, everyone has to first take an hours’ drive from Bir in the hilly, mountainous road to reach the Billing city. These two beautiful tiny cities – Bir and Billing are 16 km apart, but are twin cities and called together because Bir is known as the landing site whereas Billing as the take-off site.

Paragliding All set for some Extreme Adventure
All set for some Extreme Adventure 😀

The bumpy mountain roads weren’t in good condition and the driver drove in a rash manner too. So, the adventure began from the starting point itself. 😀 If anyone is planning to take on this adventure here, you can ask your driver beforehand to drive a bit decently. After an hours’ adventurous drive, we finally reached the take-off point.

It was too cold out there as we had gained a lot of height and were surrounded by mountains. All we could see were para-gliders and a hell lot of adrenaline junkies around. Some of them flying, some of them getting ready to leave the ground and soar. While our tandems were getting our para-gliders ready, we were trying to calm our anxious heart. I was super excited but I was again like ‘Why the hell I am here?’ 🙁

Yuuhhuu! In the Air!

After running down a few meters, finally, I was in the air. Oh God, that was the best feeling, I was totally going mad, I was flying. With that bliss feeling, also experienced- adventure and beauty of nature at the same time. Also, could feel that cold mountain breeze. It was a fabulous experience to see those mountains and little colorful houses while gliding away! That feeling is just too difficult to put in words.


To add-on more thrill to this adventure, the -pilot ended this adventure by 360-degree Spiral Dives. With every turn, I felt as if speed has increased and after 4-5 rounds I went out of context a bit. 😛 But that was yet again the best part. And then after some 10 minutes, we all three were on the ground, rejoicing!

paragliding in bir billing
Landing Site

If you are interested in soaring high in the sky and enjoy the untouched scenic locations, landscapes, mountains, and more from above, this adventure here is a must-do. Every second will be worth it.

The flight usually takes place for 10-20 minutes depending upon the season and time of the day. And costs about 2500 INR with 500 INR extra for the GoPro video and photos depending on the agent.

For more details, check out this link:


Keep Wandering! Keep Wondering!

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