Life is better when it has short trips and little adventures in it!

Who Am I?

Hi and Welcome! I’m Ashita Agrawal

I’m just a normal human being who once was bitten by the travel and the adventure bug, and since then it has affected me more than it must have affected Peter Parker in Spiderman.

I love to travel and dream of trying every adventure possible, to say myself a braveheart. 😀 Well it goes without saying, travel and adventures bring along excitement, experiences, learnings in my life and most of all, it gives me a chance to meet new people and to learn their varied culture.

A bit more of me!

I’m –

ashita agrawal tripsygirl

A travel buff

An adrenaline junkie

An amateur triathlete

A trekker

A photo freak and

A full-time IT engineer by profession

With my full-time job to finance my travels, I still try not to miss any chance to see all the beauty around. And I have started believing in living every moment and to follow my travel passion in the most possible ways. And for almost the past 3 years, I have been on a constant roll.

From then on, I have dared a few extreme adventures, have been in sports to be fit, have visited a few places solo, during my trips have dealt with many things, have met ample of diversified people, which has enhanced and changed me and my journey in many ways!

So, here I’m to share my learning and experiences with you and how you too can plan your trips. Hope you enjoy it along.

Cheers! ♥